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Investing in GHST
means believing
in future

We invest in tech startups and offer new business opportunities to investors: innovation leads to success.

OTCPK July 19, 2024 9:17 am
GHST World Inc
OTCPK July 19, 2024 9:17 am
GHST World Inc
technology investment opportunities

The Value of

our company

GHST World is a new disruptancy Fin-tech innovation in the start-up environment, as we are the first ever Public Trade Tech Accelerator Company listed on the technological stock market with the aim to support selected startups to grow their projects and business connected directly within the main capital market since the beginning”

The Value of Our Work

GHST World helps not only to rise capital from the bottom to the top of the financial markets, but mainly to promote the business activity of new startups from our digital presence to the main actors of the international business environment.  

We are a new reality in the startup accelerator sector since we’re listed on the technological stock market.

Our keys

We invest in tech startups , growing companies and companies that build their business model around unique technologies, which address clear customer needs in the international market.

Businesses that we invest in tipically share the following characteristics:

Developing our mission

There are some steps to consider:

General approach to the new project, internal sharing and first approval: in-depth patent/startup/IP evaluation.

Extensive meeting between project creator and GHST "scientific committee".

Internal "scientific" evaluation by the team's experts, "investment committee" approval, strategy definition and board approval.

Possible fundraising, project development, IPO.

Being part of our mission

leads to success in the technological stock market.