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GHST World is a new vision in the technological stock market.

Investing in Startups: The Value of Our Work

We are the first ever Public Trade Tech Accelerator Company listed on this market with the purpose of supporting selected startups to grow their business.

GHST World helps not only to rise capital from the bottom to the top of the financial markets, but mainly to promote the business activity of new start-ups from our digital presence to the main actors of the international business environment.  

GHST World manages administratively the new startups as subsidiary with the same roles used to manage a Trade company therefore after only 2-3 years of real business, GHST World helps the new company to run independently as a new Listed company in the Stock Market, supporting the entire SEC procedure and regulation.

GHST World uses their internal resources, business experience, organization, administrative know-how, commercial and financial support for the benefits of the new startup to become a successful well managed mature business company.

GHST World offers one more very important support, letting the creators and the idea makers of the startup to implement and to grow successfully their original ideas in total freedom and into a corporate safe environment as any inventor needs to have.

Investing in startups and make them grow is the basis of our mission.

Our strength is our team of experts

GHST World is managed by successful entrepreneurs and managers with international background, which is forming the experience of this first ever Public Trade Tech Accelerator Company.      

Welcome to the world of GHST World Inc.!

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