InSSIDe World

Investing in Clean Energy and Strategic Infrastructures for a better future

Critical infrastructure and energy of the future

InSSIDe World is a GHST subsidiary that works in different cutting-edge infrastructures in order to build a better and cleaner future.

We focus on intelligence, security and defense infrastructures as well as renewable energy plants.

Investing in clean energy leads to the future.

investing in clean energy

InSSIDe World Inc. builds clean energy power plants for a green future!

With innovative and fast solutions, InSSIDe World Inc. develops and builds renewable energy plants and energy infrastructures in Italy.

We are a leading operator in the sector, active in a variety of contexts, and have collaborated with many Italian companies that have started their own path to energy transition with us. 

This sector offers multiple opportunities, with a focus on people and the environment, in a momentous phase where we are about to face a major energy transition.

The services provided by InSSIDe World Inc. are:

  • Due Diligence of the proposed site
  • Acquisition of surface rights
  • Design and implementation of the feasibility plan
  • Development of the financial plan to obtain funds
  • Obtaining all permits
  • Turnkey plant installation
  • Connection to the public grid
  • Energy sale


Which type of clean energy plants do we build?

Type of plants:

  • Photovoltaic plants: canopies, sheets, panels
  • Hydroelectric power plants
Kwh expected for the first semester of 2024
10 Kwh
Plants to be installed the first semester of 2024
4 plants

Certify your business!

InSSIDe World Inc. provides national and international certification services within the limits of current qualifications; conducts consulting and training in ISO and related areas; promotes information prevention and security laws, ensuring compliance with the requirements defined in relevant standards and by accrediting bodies.

InSSIDe World Inc. also offers First, Second and Third Party Audits on national, international and reference standards even on behalf of certification bodies, accredited bodies, public agencies, and national and international government agencies.

The certification process involves the in-house implementation of an ISO-compliant management system, subject to internal audits, carried out by our professionals scattered throughout the territory, who will work to streamline processes and documents in the shortest possible time.

The next stage involves the activation of the accredited certification body, which will conduct a third-party audit and issue the internationally recognized ISO certificate.

Update your ISO/IEC 27001 certification!

The ISO 27001 certification update, which includes new security controls, adaptation of the Risk Register and Applicability Statement, must be completed before 2024 to maintain its certification.

From the April 30th, 2024 all new certifications and renewals must be issued exclusively in conformity with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 standard.

Find out more about our transition package here.

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Intelligence, security and defense
Risk analysis

InSSIDe World Inc. is implementing an innovative Integrated Risk Management System to enhance cybersecurity, increase productivity and introduce Artificial Intelligence and resilience into software and their architecture: InSSIDe Protection!

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Investigative analysis

InSSIDe World Inc. is also involved in investigative analysis and security: OSINT and HUMINT analysis, geospatial analysis, event reconstruction with 2D and 3D technology.

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Through its research and development sector, InSSIDe World Inc. implements training courses with the Executive Master in Environmental Crime and Terrorism Intelligence, under the scientific direction of Emanuela Somalvico, environmental investigative analyst and App. CC Office of the Single Commissioner for Land Reclamation, Arma dei Carabinieri (Italian police force), in collaboration with:

Fondazione Margherita Hack.

Siamo Jedi project, a TV program developed by Forbes and dedicated to innovation and technology.

000-Intelligence of Things

Information and communication platform offering analysis, news and surveys on the digital relationship between machines and people from a security perspective. The exploration focuses on the ability of everyday objects to automatically change our lives by being connected with us and creating social systems.

000-Intelligence of Things, in collaboration with Forbes, Il Sole 24Ore, Bocconi, is divided into:

  • a TV program aired on BFC Media, and;
  • an online magazine;
  • a TV outreach project with AlmaTv (Marcopolo and Alice), to tell about new challenges in the world of technology and security.

Management of InSSIDe World Inc.

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