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Smart Sport Devices: tracking and analyzing data and variations in boxing movements to help maximize the efficiency of game performance and training.

Smart Sport Devices (SSD) Project

Our business idea:

  • Change the approach to training and game analysis.
  • Build a smart wearable device, to make easy the collection and management of athletic and statistic data, about training and game, with the option of real-time data analysis.
  • Proprietary applicant patent. 
  • Possibility to develop B2B and B2C channels through a retail App.

Other devices in the market show basic information such as speed, distance, height, but no one has the complete set up that we have.

We offer you to adopt our system to improve your benefit.

For more information about our USA patent, please click here.

Investing in Smart Sport Devices leads to a Revolution.

The sports market plays an important role on an international level: there are 262 million players, 2 million teams and about 326 thousand clubs worldwide.

The Smart 2PLAI Brand

GHST Sport Inc.(GHST subsidiary) has received a license from GHST World Inc, owner of the U.S. patent and international patent application, to develop and market various Smart(Smart Sport Devices) products. To identify these products, we have created a brand called “2PLAI.”

Why “2PLAI”? 

The difference from current products is that our devices derive the parameters with the intensive use of Artificial Intelligence and therefore the final brand AI.
Another feature of our devices is that they analyze limb movements (2 limbs) that are used for each sport unlike, for example, GPS that is placed on the back and cannot analyze limb movements. This is why we use the initial “2” of the brand. Besides, since our devices are focused on sports, we have chosen the word “play” to represent the brand.

Hence the brand spelling “2PLAI” which contains our innovation points. The brand applies to all devices of all sports we are going to develop. In order to differentiate them we will change the color.

"2PLAI: we work to help maximize the efficiency of game performance and training"

Through a new wearable device, athletes and trainers will have the possibility to register and monitor data in real time, thanks to a non-invasive technology, technically allowed during official matches.
Athletic data, match analysis, performance monitoring.
SSD will be useful to players, powerful to professional teams, engaging to supporters and amateurs.
A new way to leverage the access to new sport data, in real time, through many devices and with many end-uses: easy, worthy, disruptive.
SSD will change the way to monitor atheletes training and their performance during an official match. The match analysis will benefit of new perspectives, integrated by new strategic information about technical and tactical views.
SSD are totally non-invasive to atheletes and will open to a new form of beginner and professional entertainment.
Key success factors
  • Proprietary applicant international patent
  • Quality of materials and accuracy of metrics and indicators
  • Easy-to-use app interface
  • Team adoption rate
  • Pricing model
  • Competitive landscape (traditional and new operators)
  • Interaction and  Possible cooperation with Sports Association (UEFA, FIFA, FIS, IIHF, IAAF etc.)
  • Mix of specialistic know-how: sport, software development, mechanical engineering, business modeling
  • GHST Lab: our medical-scientific research center that supports our technologies.

In brief, we're successful by investing in Smart Sport Devices that pursue a future technological innovation.

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Our product

Professional items.

Our product fully carries out the needs of the technical staff:

  • Data related to the athletic performance (live and historical archive)
  • Data on match analysis
  • Additional information about injuries
  • Intelligence to optimize talent scouting


Retails items.

Four main use cases:

  • Live data to augment the show level of athletic performances
  • Offline storage data to analyze historical performances (stats)
  • Remote access to live data (parents, friends, supporters)
  • Retail app to facilitate the engagement among supporters, teams and sport media

Management of GHST Sport Inc.

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