About Us

GHST World, a StartUp Accelerator

We are a public trade tech accelerator company
We speed up the development of tech startups

We are a public trade StartUp Accelerator.  We speed up the development of tech companies in any stage of growth, by contributing our expertise in  management, sales, finance, research, and development. 

We focus on companies that hold a competitive advantage, in the field of groundbreaking technology.

We help companies apply their unique skills, using a business model, which fulfills market needs, and drives scalable success.

We have the added value of international visibility as the startup becomes part of a U.S. listed company.

We are able to increase the probablity of success of our companies because we:

  • Accelerate growth.
  • Demonstrate reliability as an SEC Certified Public Trade Company.
  • Share the benefits of our knowledge with all partners.
  • Support and gain deeper knowledge of all parnters.
  • Sharing of technical and scientific expertise between investees and GHST management.
  • Support in business development.


We act as an accelerator for groundbreaking and unique technologies, so we


  • Help companies to speed up their acquisition.
  • Allow quick capital exit to avoid waiting for IPO’s.
  • Help raise additional capital and equity, using Bond Insurance Plans.
  • Create Synergies between companies.
  • Support tech solutions in favor of our company.
  • Provide hands on practical management and legal advisory.

WHy us

We are a startup accelerator with the advantage of being listed in the financial market.

We are an accelerator and aggregator of companies, startups and others, that share the risk between assets, and since we’re quoted in the financial market, we make possible to invest immediately.

  • Sharing business opportunities means reducing risk while increasing the performance of our companies due to the support that we provide and our background.
  • We create liquidity to private equity investments without having to wait for the IPO procedure which can take years. 

We support and grow businesses by providing