Our portfolio

Future innovation is the key,

tech startups are the means.

We make a selection of the best Tech Startups to help them grow and be quoted in the market. 

Here below you can find the first ones that we have selected.

GHST Sport Inc.
Smart Games Need Smart Equipment
InSSIDe World Inc.
Strategic Infrastructures and Clean Energy
GHST Art World Inc.
High Quality Fine Art NFT
IoTT World Inc.
The Art of Interconnecting Things
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Growing Tech StartUps: Our vision

"We speed up the development of tech companies at any stage of growth, by contributing our expertise in management, sales, finance, research, and development"

Why Tech Startups?

A tech startup has the goal of introducing technology products or services to market. These startups design and create new technology products or services or improve existing technology products or services. This is why we think Tech Startups are the future, because we believe there cannot be future without innovation and the technology is an essential part innovation. Furthermore using our startup brings the opportunity to enter into the financial market in a very short time while we are already listed. This avoid sevarl steps while all the process to enter in the stock maket has been done by our company and it is just necessary to make 3 years business to show the validity of the concept and then to make it by its own. It also save a lot of cost because the new startup is considered as a part of the mother company as long as it is not going listed by itself.

How to know if a Tech Startup is a succesful idea?

There’s not a perfect answer to this question. We take into account several aspects: the idea, the designed project, the background… and we bring our knowledge throughout the experience of our management. We first analyse the project, then we search if the idea alredy exist in the marlet or something similar before starting a second fase such as if what we intend to bring has a real added value in the market. The market evaluation is a must to anticipate the needs. If you want to learn more, please contact us here.