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2019&2020: from ideas to business opportunities – Flash News

Although these years have been very “different”, since we have been in the middle of an health emergency, we would like to keep our investors updated about our business. For this reason we have drawn up this timeline with the most important news of these last years where we have focused on finding and creating new business opportunities: from ideas to business.

Besides, it’s vital to remember that to be committed to our job also means to find new chances that can help us to build an splendid future.

April, 29 – 2019 > GHST Patents: developing ideas into opportunities

A full-day meeting was held in Milan, at our Patent Attorneys’ office, for a deep analysis regarding the current and ongoing Patent Applications.

Joan Ribal Espuga, our partner and inventor of the SoniSolutions project, participated in the meeting, in addition to the three patent experts.

On this occasion, Diego Soriano, another inventor interested in the development of his patents for energy sector, has been invited to present his new product.

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March, 27 – 2020 > Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

GHST World Inc. whose headquarters are located in New York , has extend its business to various countries around the world, therefore from always structured to work remotely.

As requested by Government Authorities in this particular period, we have stopped moving but we are still continuing operations remotely.

We constantly follow the directives and updates, do it too and stay safe!

To stay updated

September, 01 – 2020 > New Headquarter

Today the Company has changed its headquarter. GHST World Inc. has a new address in New York.

September, 02 – 2020 > Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

GHST World Inc. has never stopped its activities. Beside the on line working, where the pandemic situation is under control and it is allowed to work, our staff have resume work in order to continue to develop our assets . We deeply hope that the situation will return normal soon.

To stay updated

November, 02 – 2020 > GHST update: committed from ideas to business

Despite the difficult times, the GHST team is always working to keep their promises and lead the Company towards a bright future.

Developing an early stage business during the pandemic has inevitably slowed down our progress but we are maintaining contact with all interested parties and carrying out the projects as much as possible. That’s why we are ready to consider also new projects: new brilliant ideas to be turned into succesful businesses.

Management has hired auditors and lawyers in order to become an SEC reporting Company again and provide transparency to our Shareholders. We expect that GHST will soon become a SEC reporting Company again, although we will have to clear SEC Staff comments once we file the “Form 10”.

Stay safe. We will update you soon.

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