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2021: Sec Filings Flash News

We would like to keep our investors updated about our business activity, specially we like to share all the information that regards the SEC Filing. This is why we have prepared the following timeline with the most important flash news of the year including the SEC Filings.

January, 22 – 2021 > GHST updates

The management, auditors and lawyers are proceeding quickly with the process for the publication of the Form 10, there are also updates on the various assets of the company:

  • GHST Sport Inc., after obtaining the Patent for the United States, is proceeding with the production of the first Smart Shin Guards that will equip 2 professional teams.
  • The design Team is working to close the idea on the platform for the Art and Technology Project.
  • Digital Soni Solutions Project has suffered a setback due to COVID-19.
  • The Company is more than ever working to achieve its objectives.
investment opportunities sec filings updates

March, 9 – 2021 > 10K release

We filed our “Form 10” to the SEC.

April, 4 – 2021 > SEC Filings

We filed our “Form 10-12G/A” in response to comments from the SEC.

May, 7 – 2021 > SEC Filings

We filed our second “Form 10-12G/A” in response to further SEC comment.

May, 8 – 2021 > SEC Filings

Our “Form 10-12G/A” became effective.

May, 10 – 2021 > SEC Filings

Insider reports on Form 3, which concerns the directors, officers and owners of 10% or more of our common stock, have been filed with the SEC.

These insider reports are available on the SEC’s EDGAR database which can be accessed here.

September, 28 – 2021 > SEC Filings

Our SEC obligations 10-Q (6/21/2021) and 10-K (9/29/2021 ) have been filed with the SEC.

October, 1 – 2021 > Name change and R/S

FINRA filed on September 29 the name change on the financial markets from Ghost Technology Inc. to GHST World Inc., new Cusip 37445J103, and the Reverse/Split 1/100 for our Common Stocks.

Everything became executive on September 30,2021.

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