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GHST Sport Inc.: 2022&2023 updates

February – 2022 >

The first relating of the data collection carried out in the field at the end of 2021 have arrived, the GHST Sport board is not yet satisfied with the reliability of the data and has given a mandate to the technical structure to continue with the implementation of the AI algorithms.

February, 16 – 2022 > 

Today the management of GHST Sport Inc had the pleasure of presenting its Smart Sport Devices project to a multinational “top player” in the field of sportwear sales. Due to confidentially agreements we cannot yet disclose the name.

June, 8&9 – 2022 > 

We are present together with Hemargroup at the USA2022 Embedded Technology Convention in Las Vegas to present our smart Shin Guard. Already from the first hours you can feel a great interest!

July, 20 – 2022 > 

The market research reports commissioned to the IPSOS company have arrived: the results are very encouraging, it is confirmed that a product like ours is not yet on the market and the propensity to buy is high!

July, 26&27 – 2022 >

On football fields of Rimini IT, a further data collection is taking place by our Smart Shin Guards to have a Highly reliable product.

October, 24&25 – 2022 > 

Still collecting data from our Smart Shin Guards in Milan. The GHST Sport team, also considering the disappointing result of the competitors, wants to obtain the maximum accuracy of the information to present itself on the market with a TOP product

October, 26 – 2022 > 

Meeting in Switzerland between the technical staff and collaborators of GHST Sport from which the interesting possibility emerged of being able to patent an absolutely innovative algorithm applied to Smart Sport Devices. Another potential patent for GHST. During the meeting, the design of the new chip was also established, which will be able tohouse even more sensors to have an even more exclusive product, enhanced with biometric data.

March, 8 – 2023 >

Start consultations with AI companies in Switzerland for the final phase of the SSD project. We have been presented with a well-studies and clear project to better develop the structure that will host the AI algorithms and the data collected

May, 9 – 2023 > 

Further very fuitful meeting with an important Swiss AI company; the details of the project and the guidelines were discussed to obtain an absolutely innovative and above all easely modular product for each sport.

June, 26 – 2023 > 

Agreement are being negotiated with the Ai company Cross-ing AG, a company with offices throughout Switzerland ang Germany ( There was concrete talk of possibility of becoming a Partner on our Smart Sport Device project.

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