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News about our committed Accelerator Company business in 2018

January, 25 – 2018 > Company structure: we continue to grow as an accelerator company

Now we can start to see the new GHST World Inc. accelerator company structure with 4 own Companies.

The first Company will be already operational and already profitable in the innovation field which will have in its portfolio several concrete projects.

Another Company will be involved in the sport sector with specific focus to technology projects and intellectual patent.

The third GHST Company will be in the trade off field with the purpose of starting a business into art work and Luxory.

Finally there will be a B.D.C. that will develop all these businesses and commercial matters.

March, 13 – 2018 > Lawsuit in a Florida Court: significant turning point for a transparent growth of company.

Finally today the Palm Beach Court declared the “Final Default” ordering the cancellation of more than 

66 millions of share illegally issued by the former CEO Flavio Paltrinieri and ordering the cancellation of 

4,500 Preferred Series A, also issued in an illegal way by the same CEO.

Other involved Shareholders voluntarily returned their share certificates.

investment opportunities accelerator company GHST lawsuit in a Florida Court

April, 4 – 2018 > Consent in writing in order to ratify the new name of our company: GHSTWorld Inc.

The “Consent in writing” of the majority of shareholders was held, voted by 54% of outstanding shares, which ratified the new name of the Company and authorized the amendment of the Charter.

December, 5 – 2018 > Change in Management to continue enhancing our activity as a successful Accelerator Company

The Board of Director will change the current CFO Eugenio Quintiliani with a new CFO. 

GHST thanks to Mr. Quintiliani for all the work done.

December, 11 – 2018 > New Chief Financial Officer: Mr. Marcello Appella, welcome to GHSTWorld Inc.

The Board of Director and the Management of GHST World Inc. wants to give the welcome at the new CFO Mr. Marcello Appella to our blooming accelerator company. Thank you for joining us. We’ll work together from now on to build a brighter future full of business opportunities.

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