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GHST Sport 2019 Timeline

April, 3 – 2019 > GHST Sport Inc. was set up

The subsidiary “GHST SPORT Inc.” was established today, It will develop the Smart Sport Devices project.

The Company will be operational shortly with its own Board of Directors and related Officers.

July, 9 – 2019 > GHST Sport Inc.

The Management of GHST Sport Inc. has already identify a high-level Italian Manufacturer for the production of Shin Guards, which will include the Smart Technology.

July, 10 – 2019 > GHST Sport Inc.

The Software Company in charge of developing the technology for the Smart Shin Guards , are working on the last details and adding more functions and improvements.

In September of this year, we will do a test on the field to evaluate this product. This product will be available on the non-professional Market before the end of this year.

Some of our investors will be present during the test. 

September, 24 – 2019 > GHST Sport Inc.

As planned, practical tests were carried out yesterday on the technology of “Smart Shin Guards” .

For the first time, a professional Soccer Player wore our product, and a series of real data was collected. 

The Technicians, the staff of GHST Sport Inc., and the people involved in the work, are very satisfied with the results achieved.

In a few weeks, the company will be ready for the official presentation! We are in line with the expected timing!

November, 8 – 2019 > GHST Sport Inc.

Smart Shin Guards are a reality!

Thursday, October 31st, was the first Official Presentation, where an Italian Professional Team used our Technology during their training. The feedback has been very positive.

The month of November will be dedicated to presenting the product to Professional Teams, and potential Partners and Investors who are interested in the SSD Project .

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